Technical & Tactical Conditioning in Football

Technical & Tactical Conditioning in Football


Paul Clement is a seasoned football coach renowned for his extensive experience and contributions to the sport’s top clubs, with a notable track record at Real Madrid, PSG and Chelsea under Carlo Ancelotti. His coaching expertise and strategic insights have made him a respected figure in the world of professional football.

Chris Jones worked as a fitness coach for Chelsea’s senior team from 2009 to 2018. After this spell, he followed Frank Lampard to Derby County and has been with him at every club since, including Everton and Chelsea. He has also been involved in work with the England national team.



15th – 16th of December 2023 (Precision Football, Dubai)

Price for CBF Coaches Association members:

AED 375.00 + VAT (before 30th of November)

AED 450.00 + VAT (from 1st of December)


General price:

AED 475.00 + VAT (before 30th of November)

AED 550.00 + VAT (from 1st of December)


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